Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some "Post Challenge" Tips...

okay, well almost...just 3 MORE DAYS!
Can you believe it?
I'm sure when you started this challenge you had some doubts as to if you could survive 8 whole weeks on no sugar, exercising every day and making time for inspirational reading, journal writing and 7 hours of sleep. But 7 weeks and 4 days later you are here almost to the finish line.
Job Well Done, folks!
Some of you may be jumping for joy that the end of this challenge is in sight, while others want it to continue on. But my guess is that MOST of you are ready for a little freedom, BUT are still hoping to continue most of the habits that they have formed these past 8 weeks.
Am I right?
Here are a few tips for AFTER the challenge:
First of all,
Remember how you felt DURING the challenge: energized, strong willed, successful, healthy. Don't throw that all away. OF COURSE you won't necessarily do all 10 points everyday, but hopefully you have enjoyed the physical, spiritual and emotional rewards from making these changes and want to keep it up.
Keep these habits going!
All things in Moderation...

Of course you aren't going to go the rest of your lives never partaking of sugar, or having chips & salsa when you are out to dinner. BUT do it in moderation and you are golden. If it's a treat and not a regular occurance than you are right on track.
I was recently talking to a friend about exercise. We were discussing how interesting it is that on the days we exercise we are so much more conscious of what we eat, and also how difficult it is to exercise in the morning if we ate a big 'ol hamburger and a piece of chocolate cake the night before. Just something to think about.
Exercise and eating habits definitely have an effect on eachother.
Exercise not only helps us keep those unwanted pounds off, but it makes us healthier and also releases endorphins that improve our mood.
Here is a great article that talks about how exercise "maintains mental fitness"
Healthy Food Substitutions
I am sure during this challenge you made a lot of healthy substitutions, make that part of your lifestyle.
Substitute whole wheat pasta for your white pasta when you make Spaghetti (and skip the garlic bread), replace your white bread with whole bread. Same goes for brown rice and whole wheat tortillas. It's amazing how simple things like that can make your meal so much more healthy, and still be tasty!

Each time I challenge myself like this, I enjoy how healthy I feel.
But I think hands down my favorite part is the
Daily Act of Kindness...
I love to think that there are over 100 people doing this challenge, and EACH DAY every person is doing an act of kindness for someone else. VERY COOL!

So our challenge to you is to keep that up!
Isn't it rewarding to help others? Even just a couple of minutes of service can really have a positive impact on someone else's day or even their life.

So if you decide that once this challenge is over you are going to NEVER exercise again or ban fruits & veggies from your life, so be it (which HOPEFULLY is NOT the case)....
but please please keep up the act of kindness,
pretty please?

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