The Rewards

Let's get one thing straight - the ultimate reward here is a BETTER YOU!  Hopefully that's the primary reason everyone is here...

However, let us not forget the goods!

Participants who "buy in" to the challenge will be competing for 2 cash prizes.
  • 75% of the "buy in" pot will go to the participant(s) who earns the most points throughout the challenge.  If there is a tie (we had over 20 perfect scores in our first challenge), that 75% will be split equally among the winners.  
  • The remaining 25% of the pot will be randomly drawn between the participants who averaged a minimum of 60 points per week over the 8 week span.  The number of participants that are drawn to split the 25% pot depends on how many winners we have drawing from the 75% pot.  The 25% will be split enough ways so that each person receives 25% less than those from the winners circle.

We will also be doing random giveaways throughout the challenge. Participants who earned a minimum of 60 points during the giveaway week will be entered into a drawing for the prize that week.

If you or anyone you know could donate an item (something you handcraft perhaps) or giftcard for a giveaway, please let us know!  The more prizes, the better!