Saturday, February 26, 2011

TomTom ONE XL 340S GPS
Meghan Quick
MyNeckCandy $15 Gift Certificate
Trista O'Connor
10x20 Framed Art Alphabet Photography
Sara Henderson
Congrats ladies, you won some very coveted prizes :)
And don't forget there are still some random cash prizes that will be announced next week (if you averaged at least 60 pts per week you are eligible) don't give up hope yet if you haven't been a winner!!
(all winners drawn using


  1. am I still eligible for the cash drawing if I got perfect points since I haven't won anything this whole challenge? It seems only fair...

  2. Unfortunately no! I know its kinda a bummer, but thats the rules.

    In fact, the last challenge I had a perfect score, and guess who's name was drawn first for a cash giveaway? yep, MINE! But I wasn't eligible.

    There are a lot of people who haven't won a giveaway in either challenge, which is also kind of a bummer. BUT the the beauty of your situation, is because you have a PERFECT score you are guaranteed a cash prize for that score. So thats good, right?

  3. are people who have already won prizes eligible for the cash prizes?

  4. I have done both challenges and never won anything!! I'm hoping it's because is saving me for the cash drawing! ;)

  5. Everyone who finishes with an average between 60-70 points is eligible for the 25% split cash pot. The giveaways are a bonus to this whole thing, so whether you win a giveaway prize or not will not effect your eligibility for the cash drawing at the end. Everyone is eligible for that (again, as long as your average is above 60 but not perfect) because everyone paid to participate in this. Your opportunity to win cash at the end is only affected by your own efforts throughout the challenge.

    And Aubrey, I hear ya. Trisha and I have not removed ourselves from the drawings just because we are the ones putting this on. We are just as eligible as everyone else. But I haven't ever been drawn either! I'm hoping I get drawn for the cash prize too. But I won't hold my breath. :-) Good luck to you!