Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This giveaway is super UNIQUE

I had never heard of this before but I think it is a SUPER cool idea!
Kristen Spencer (challenge participant) is a photographer and does Alphabet Photography and is offering 1 winner a
10x20 framed art piece with up to 9 letters
($50 value)...

Here is an example of her work.. but YOU get to choose your letters!
I'm putting on my lucky pair of shoes and hopin' that I win this one,
I have the PERFECT place for it :)

"Kristen Spencer Photography has been in business for 2 and a half years. I absolutely LOVE what I do, it's my passion!!! I originally started my photography business to help out our family while my husband was going to nursing school. He is still in school, and I think because of my love for photography my business has flourished!
I love seeing things through a different eye and perspective and that is where my alphabet photography came in!!! I am always on the search for more "letters" it's my new treasure hunt!! Hope everyone enjoys!!!
Kristen will be doing a giveaway on her facebook page once she has 1,000 likes!!
Right now she is at click on her facebook page and you will have a chance to win that giveaway too!
So get those points recorded so you will be eligible for this week's giveaways and be sure to scroll down through the last couple posts to see the previously posted giveaways for this week.