Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earring Giveaway!!

I can hardly believe that there are just 5 days left in this challenge...keep up the good work and finish STRONG!

To celebrate we thought a GIVEAWAY was in order

I am particularly excited about this giveaway, since it is from my very own Earring Etsy Shop

I will be giving away
a $15 gift certificate to use in my shop as they please 

{I am also offering 15% off of any purchase for the remainder of October to all of you...use coupon code 8WEEKS}

Check out my shop to see what you will choose if you are the winner....
Winner will be announced on Friday, so be sure to get your points from last week entered

Orange Resin Flower Post EarringsAntiqued Bronze Earrings with yellow resin flower
Coral Resin Flower Post Earrings
{these are just to give you an idea, the winner can choose what they would like}
Antiqued Teal Filigree EarringsAqua resin flower post earrings

Monday, October 8, 2012

Check out this giveaway!!!

We have a really great giveaway from a fellow challenge participant Angela Shaners, I am really excited for this one!  It is PERFECT for this challenge...

She will be giving away 
3 packets of Chocolate Shakeology  
a resistance Tube Band 
to 1 lucky winner!! 
Shakeology is packed with so much nutrition, it's incredible!  It's more than a protein shake and more than a meal replacement, it really is The Healthiest meal of the day which includes so many super foods, vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants. See more about it & what it can do for you HERE

Here is a little bit about Angela:
"My name is Angela, I am a happy wife and mom of 4 young kids, I teach "Let's Play Music" to young kids, and I love to Craft.  But, I also absolutely love all things Health & Fitness.  I started a crafty blog a few years ago and it soon turned into my place to share my fitness story of what worked for me and other tips and ideas. I loved that I could create a support system for other moms to reach their goals and help them feel better about themselves. It is a passion of mine to help others find what works for them and create that confidence in themselves as they find a healthier & fitter way to live.  I soon realized that everything I was doing was exactly what a Beachbody Coach does.  Since doing the programs & supplements gave me such success, I was sharing it with others anyway. Being a Beachbody Coach kind of just flowed right in with what I love to do, plus it helps me to stay on track too.  ;) I love creating Fitness Challenges for others and also giving them an exclusive group of support to finish that challenge and reach their fitness goals. I love that I can provide the resources for things that really work.  No schemes, no crazy pill, just pure Healthy Diet and Exercise... the only true way to get a healthier body.  It is my hope that I can do whatever I can in fighting the trend of Obesity. I am also currently training from NASM in Fitness Nutrition so I can provide even more to my clients. 

You can follow me on

Beachbody Coach Site www.wannabefit.me  (create a free membership to track workouts, track your measurements, connect with others, get free coaching from me & win prizes)"

Thanks for the awesome giveaway Angela!!

We will announce the winner for this giveaway on Wednesday,
So get your points entered so that you will be eligible!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #4 Free Point Challenge

This week we are offering a free point challenge!  If this is your first time with us, allow me to explain - you complete whatever challenge we give you and in return, you earn a free point! 

  • It is optional.
  • You must complete the challenge within the week it is assigned.
  • Your free point must be used within that week.  It cannot be used to replace a previously missed point and cannot be banked to use during a future week.
  • The CHALLENGE for this week is to donate a minimum of 5 new or gently used books to an organization in need.  It could be children's books to a school, daycare center, or hospital (or doctor's office), or adult literature to a elderly care center or rehabilitation facility.  While you're at it, you could consider other items these organizations could use and donate those as well.  The idea is not to do the bare minimum required to get your point, but go a little farther and earn a very private and humbling personal high five.  Enjoy this opportunity to offer help to those in need, and earn a free point while you're at it!


Challengers who earned a minimum of 60 points during week #2 are eligible.  Up for grabs are 5 vinyl lettering appliques - "If you change nothing, nothing will change."  For all the info on these fantastic appliques, head on over to Vinyl Lettering on Etsy.  They are for sale through this Etsy store for $3.99.  You can do anything you can imagine with these appliques.  The attached picture shows mine (Karli's) adhered to my scale.  This would also be great applied to a frame and placed somewhere to remind you of other areas in your life that could use some change and growth, rather than {weight} loss.  The generous store owners at Vinyl Lettering on Etsy were so kind and gracious to donate 5 copies of this vinyl applique...  If you are not a winner, you should show some support to them and purchase one!  I thought about waiting until tonight to announce the winners, but why?  Let's get right to it!  Our 5 winners (drawn using random.org) are...

  1. John Gibson
  2. Christina Monstrose
  3. Janelle Dudley
  4. Michelle Summers
  5. Rachel Boggess


Friday, September 7, 2012

Wait...that has HOW much sugar??

When I first started being aware of the amount of sugar I ate, I was AMAZED at what had added sugar in it and how much was being added.  Seriously its eye opening, always check the labels you might be surprised!

Here are a few to get you started...

Granola bars sound healthy, right?  Not so much, they usually have a lot of added sugar.  Try Larabars instead, they are made with dates, fruit and nuts and are delicious to boot.  NOTE: The same goes for granola, most granola has a lot of added sugar.  So either make your own or search for the healthy kinds made with natural sugar.

Yogurt!!  We always think of yogurt as healthy...NOT MOST when  you are talking in terms of sugar.  This yogurt above has 26grams of sugar...YIKES!  AND most "light" or low fat kinds have even more sugar {the same goes with salad dressings}.  Our reccomendation is PLAIN greek yogurt, sweeten it yourself with some honey!

Salad dressing!  This poppyseed dressing is my favorite but it has 7 grams of sugar per serving, not so great.  Most salad dressings will have added sugar, but find the ones that only 1 or 2 grams per serving.  Better yet, try making some!  I am attempting a poppyseed dressing tonight that has no processed sugar, Ill post the recipe if it's any good!

I had NO idea  that craisins had added sugar until we were doing our first challenge and a fellow participant pointed it out.  The ingredients are cranberries and SUGAR, 26 grams of sugar for every 1/3 cup of craisins!!!  oops.  So try adding sunflower seeds or nuts {pecans, walnuts, almonds, even pistachios} to your salad instead.  NOTE: most dried fruits are CRAMMED with added sugar, so be aware of that.  It is possible to find ones that arent but they are hard to come by.

Ketchup also has a lot of sugar added!  If you are using this for a dipping sauce try ranch or mustard instead.  NOTE: BBQ sauce is also packed with sugar, so stay away.

Hope that helps...as alway, if you have any questions just ask!  And if you have been eating something and then realize "oops, that's not challenge worthy" don't dock yourself points just make sure you cut it out from then on out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Oh, my aching head!"

Sugar and caffeine withdrawals got 'cha down?  
The headaches will go away soon!  We promise!

Detox is a bugger. 

Welcome emails

All welcome emails have been sent out.  If you still have not received yours, first please check your spam mail.  If you still can't find it, please email us at eightweekstoabetter@hotmail.com and let us know so we can get it out to you.  Thanks!!