Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The cOuNtDoWn has begun...

only 6 more days.....
until the
2011 New Years Challenge Begins!!!
Check "The Deal" tab above to see the rules and the changes for this challenge!
We are so excited to get this thing rolling...so spread the news
As always
the more the merrier


  1. I am surprised by a couple of the changes and thinking maybe I jumped on board too soon. A couple of requirements and suggestions seem a little too personalized for a large group of people. One of those is the "all brown" requirement. I also wonder about some of the ground beef suggestions. Is ground beef in a casserole junk food? If not, then why is ground beef in a patty junk food? I think one of the beauties of the first challenge was its adaptability.

  2. Dear Ahem,

    We are sorry if you are feeling uncomfortable with the new requirements. We encourage you to learn about the effects of white flours and refined pastas and starches vs. the effects of whole wheat flours and unrefined starches and pastas. This challenge is all about helping each other learn ways to be healthier, and one crucially beneficial thing we can do for our bodies is stay away from foods that have been processed and refined to the hilt. Thus, we wanted to make it a requirement to stay away from those.

    Regarding the suggestions to use ground turkey in place of ground beef, again this challenge is all about learning ways to be healthier. Lean ground turkey breast has considerably less fat and calories, and can be used anyway you would use ground beef. Therefore it is a much healthier alternative. If you absolutely prefer ground beef, the healthiest choice would be 90% lean/10% fat. I'm going to start sounding like a broken record... It's all about learning how to make healthier choices.

    I hope this has helped!!

  3. Sorry,

    One more thing I forgot to mention regarding the changes - In our last challenge, over $1,600 dollars in prize money was on the line. Some people were making much stricter choices than others, and there was way too much gray area in the rules allowing this to happen. This time we needed to make the rules and requirements stricter and more black and white so that it is fairer to all the participants.