Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giveaway Winners

The winners of a 12 oz. bottle of honey are...

  • Laverne Norton
  • Andrea Packard
  • Mandy Hamilton

The winner of the Lavendar Oil & Salt Scrub is...

  • Holly Dixon

Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your new products and keep up the good work!

**Winners were drawn using


  1. yay! my mom won some honey! if only she lived closer to me, then she could share! :0)

  2. Holli and Mandy, two of my peeps! congrats!

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  4. Heather called me this morning after conference and asked if I'd seen the blog. I hadn't looked yet so she told me I'd won some honey. I'm so excited. I've been using honey instead of sugar and I'm loving it! Thank you again for this wonderful challenge!!

  5. Yay! I never win anything, so I am so excited! I have been using honey more too. Thanks so much!

  6. I never win anything! Woot woot! And I owe it all to you Jeannie...does that mean we have to share?

  7. Yes Holls please bring me a tablespoon over the second you get it ;o)