Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's time for our first giveaway!

We hope this post finds you all happy and well and doing great in the challenge so far. We are excited to announce our first giveaway, courtesy of:

Raw Honey
Ready and Well

3 lucky participants will be the winners of a 12 oz. bottle of honey from Raw Honey

  • With RAW Honey (because you are getting all of the live enzymes and nutrients in your system) many people have experienced an increase in their energy... and even their (dare we say) libido. You can put it on cereal, toast, or other foods or just take a Tablespoon a couple times a day.

"We are a family owned and operated local Phoenix based company producing premium quality, raw, wild desert honey. The Arizona desert offers many distinctive honey’s with rich flavor and aroma. To create our signature Desert Blossom Honey we blend some of our favorites. This blending creates an unforgettable flavor unique to us.

Taste and smell the difference! One sniff and you will actually smell the wonderful blossoms of the desert. One taste and you will never want any other honey again! When honey is raw, it contains all the goodness of the hive with live enzymes just like nature intended.

Raw Honey is a natural product from wild desert flora. Most honey on the market today is heavily pasteurized and super filtered, which eliminates most of the beneficial nutrients.

Honey has been used as one of the most popular sweeteners for centuries. It also has been used in many home remedies and spa treatments. It can be utilized not only as a great natural energy source, but it also makes everything taste great! With so many artificial sweeteners on the market, we feel getting back to the basics with Raw Honey is a wonderful way to enjoy something nutritious and sweet." --Raw Honey Website

1 other participant will win a gift bag from Ready and Well containing a 5 ml bottle of Lavender Oil and a package of Dead Sea Salt and instructions on use. The winner will be able to enjoy a few relaxing, detoxification baths to sooth those tired achy limbs from all those workouts. Ready and Well's oils are all 100% pure and theraputic.

Steve and Missy (who is a participant in our challenge) have been so generous. They are offering all 8 Weeks to a Better You participants 20% off their orders!! Call 480-518-7797 or email to take advantage of this great deal!

Missy was also kind enough to share one of her favorite smoothie recipes with us!

"We do a lot of green smoothies in my family. You get a serving of veggies along with your serving or 2 of fruits. Here's a great recipe that I use.

In my Vita Mix Blender I do the following:

4 C of Spinach, packed in there really good :)

Then I add fresh orange juice to just cover the spinach.
(We just do water now, since we are used to the green smoothies and don't need it so sweet.)

Next, I add 1-2 frozen or fresh bananas.
After that I fill the blender up with frozen strawberries or any other fruit of your choice.

I also add about 1/4c. of raw honey or raw agave syrup.
(You may want to omit this once you get used to this type of smoothie)

This feeds most of my family of 7- sometimes I have to make more :) You really can't taste the spinach, it just gives it a beautiful green color. Once you are used to the spinach try other greens like collard or kale.
Then I blend and blend and blend...So delicious!"

Thanks Missy! Trisha and I have made VERY similar smoothies to this one and can vouch for it's deliciousness!! Plus, it is extremely healthy. By pureeing (wow, that's an interesting word) the spinach raw, you are salvaging all it's nutrients, then they are being absorbed directly into your body! When we cook our vegetables, we lose some of those nutrients, so raw is always a better way to go. Just like the honey, right Missy?

We will randomly pick winners using on Saturday morning. Good luck!


  1. So to enter do we just leave a comment? Or will you just pick from all the contenders?

  2. All participants will be entered automatically.

  3. That's really fun. And who knew there was a What CAN'T the computer do for us :).

    Looks like you've got some great healthy give-aways! See? Fun gifts don't always have to be chocolate, cookies, and such. It takes awhile to remove that mindset, especially at Christmas time.

  4. I can't thank you girls enough for this wonderful opportunity to better myself! I feel so much better already and to think it's only the 1st week! I should have been able to do this on my own but after the 8 weeks I hope to have some good habits formed and then I'll be able to continue! AGAIN, THANKS!!