Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Giveaway!!!

We are excited to announce a really fun giveaway!
Winnie (a fellow challenge participant) with Shelf Reliance has donated this awesome giveaway to help you earn your fruit and veggie point...

1 lucky participant will win a pantry can of Freeze-Dried Green Beans and a pouch of Freeze-dried Mangoes. YUM!!
Dont those look delicious? And from personal experience their stuff is really tasty, I LOVE the pineapple chunks!

Here's a little fun information about Winnie and Shelf Reliance:

"I'm a full-time mother of four active young kids and wife to a busy radiology resident; Part time consultant for Shelf Reliance.
Reason for joining Shelf Reliance: It is a perfect fit. Like any mother, I care for my family and look after their well being. Food storage is something that I've always known was important, but did not know where to start. All the options looked so bland and tasteless. With Shelf Reliance, I had a tasty food storage that my family would eat and even ask to eat! I have to literally hide the Thrive freeze dried pineapples and mangoes from my husband and kids.
I made my life easier because it saves time, money and I know it is very healthy for my family. It was so easy to use: no more washing, chopping, or browning meat! No more "What should I cook for dinner" stress or last minute trips to the grocery store for an egg, some shortening or another forgotten ingredient. Less trips to the fast food restaurant b/c I know I had food in my cupboard to make a simple dish. THRIVE has solved my problems.

Check out my website:

Food Demo and Free Samples this Saturday February, 18th 9:30-11am (If you interested please email me at, I'll give you my address)
I will be demonstrating how to make breakfast foods using only THRIVE ingredients and sharing some other samples.
There will be a drawing for those that come between 9:30-9:45am"

As a thank you for checking out my website, 4 Week Challengers can have an additional 15% percent off subtotal for the duration of the challenge, contact Winnie at if you are interested in taking advantage of this generous offer!!

Alright, put your lucky socks on and check back on Sunday to see if you are the winner!!

(remember to be eligible for this giveaway you had to receive at least 60 points for the week. The winner will be chosen using

If you are interested in donating a giveaway please email us at

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