Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's Day #2 and hopefully you are all still excited you joined this challenge and not in a state of regret :) If you are having sugar withdrawals, we promise you it will get easier! Im not gonna lie, it may get a little harder before it gets easier, BUT IT WILL GET EASIER and you will be so happy with how you feel!!
One thing to remember you should not be HUNGRY, if you are then grab a cheese stick, fruit, vegetable or some other healthy snack and make sure to eat plenty at mealtime! Part of this challenge is to create healthy EATING habits.
You should have all received a Welcome Email by now, if you have not it may be because we have your wrong email address. We have the emails that are linked to your paypal accounts, so if you would like us to use a different address then send us an email and we would be happy to change that for you. Also, if you signed up multiple participants be sure to email us with their names and email addresses too.
One of our 8 Weeks to a Better You Challenge Contenders , Alisha Oldroyd, created a button for our blog!

If you want to add this button to your blog, click over to the facebook page and Alisha has provided the html link

Thanks Alisha!
We hope you all are having a great Day #2 of the Challenge!


  1. Is THAT what all these headaches are...must be! I will never eat sugar again! I had no idea my body was so addicted! Thanks a lot Christmas!

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