Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

as my kids would say :)

Not to be over-the-top cheesy, but we hope now that the Challenge is over and done that each of you feels like a WINNER! But since we know that you are all itchin' to know who the OFFICIAL winners are, here you go:

The PERFECT Scores:
Renee Allen, Amy Caldwell, Heather Cameron, Trisha Cannon, Desserae Cram, Janelle Day, Marianne Denney, Alisa Frakes, Becky Gentry, Laura Gurvine, Jenny Lewis, Laverne Norton, Andrea Packard, Ramona Rae, Marcee Rynearson, Julianne Smith, Michele Thompson, Missy von Lutzow, Jenn Wettstein, Cindy Woodings & Danielle Wooton

Wow! We are so impressed with how many ladies ended with a perfect score,

The remainder 25 % of the pot was split 4 ways, and drawn randomly.

The $100 Winners Are:
Jen Ball
Peggy Bowerman
Jenny Cawley
Sara Henderson


Hopefully your $15 investment and hopes of a BIG cash prize, turned into 8 Weeks that you felt accomplished, formed good habits and enjoyed the friendships with complete strangers that were made. We would like to thank you all for joining our "little" challenge and making these last 8 weeks such a great experience for US! Like we have said before we had this idea and thought we could maybe get 20 of our friends and family join in, and we ended up with almost 120 contestants, which made it even more fun. We learned so much from all of you, were motivated by you and have been touched by all of your kind and encouraging emails. SO THANK YOU! to be honest, at the beginning of this challenge we were a bit overwhelmed, but can honestly say that EVERY minute was worth it, you are all great women (2 men and a boy) and we feel blessed to have been a part of this and to have made "friends" with you all.

much love,

Trisha & Karli

We have had lots of emails and facebook comments asking when we are doing another challenge, and lots of interet in doing a New Years Challenge. Our original thinking was to do it again in the Spring, but when we were asked about a New Years Challenge, we figured WHY THE HECK NOT? So stay tuned for more info on our 2011 Challenge. And to spice it up a little and challenge you a little more, there will be some changes....:)

Have a great Thanksgiving, and remember


you all proved that to yourselves these last 8 Weeks!


  1. I can't tell you how much I have improved my lifestyle over the last 8 weeks. I didn't do it for the money...I did it to challenge myself...even now that it is over I find myself still avoiding sugar and white flour and loving to exercise. Thank you ladies to doing has motivated me to change my life.

  2. I'm looking forward to another challenge. This time was fun, but I got really sick twice and just kinda fell off the wagon :(

    I'm anxious to go Full Throttle next time!

  3. The challenge was FANTASTIC for me.. . I ended up losing nearly 30 pounds and 6 inches from my waist! Im giving myself this week "off" so to speak, but Im going to continue on my OWN even before the new years challenge! its felt so AWESOME! and honestly, yesterday at thanksgiving, I didnt over do it, and I think this was the first year I didnt STUFF myself! LOL! and I KNOW its because of the changes I have made due to this challenge! THANK YOU!!!

    Oh, and I have a few family members and friends who want to join in on the next challenge, so cant wait to get the info to pass it onto them!

    Jenn Buchanan