Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's that time again....

to announce our Weekly Giveaways!!
Im not gonna lie, I'm starting to get a little sad that we are already in Week #6...
this is just too much fun!
Here's what you could win this week:
a FaBrIc BeLt
made by
Yours Truly,
Trisha & Karli
There will be 4 winners for the belts!
A perfect way to add some character to your jeans and t-shirt!


1 person will win a
$10 iTunes gift card

so you can download some new workout tunes to your iPod. With all this exercising you are doing we are betting you are getting mighty sick of your workout playlist, so if you win this give away you can spruce up your list!(this gift card was so kindly donated by Jeni Child, a Challenge Participant...thanks Jeni, you pretty much ROCK!)

Don't give up...there is only 2 1/2 more weeks left of the challenge so we challenge all of you to



  1. Oooo... the iTunes card sounds FAB!!! I need some new tunes...

    Don't want to take away from the belts either though ;) They're Super cute!!

  2. Those belts are super cute! (Hey, didn't realize that Janacy just said the same thing -- it's true though!)

  3. The belts are adorable but honestly, I just wanna look like that in a pair of jeans!! I'd need 2 bels at this point! lol Good luck to one of you skinny already girls!