Monday, November 1, 2010

"I can do hard things" Custom Stitchery

This custom stitchery was created just for us by Jody from Wood n' Stitches. 1 was given away last week as a giveaway prize, and now you too can have one! A little bit about the piece - the frame is 8"x8" (outside measurement) with a dowel in back so it stands on its own (but could totally be hung), and brown paper for backing to hide the fabric from the stitchery. It is cute and simple - and can be done in just about any color combo of wood and ribbon.

Because there are so many Tucson participants, we have the opportunity to save money with a group order. The paypal button on the side bar is for Tucson participants only to purchase this piece. The more you order (think gifts people!) the more you will save on shipping. Note - the shipping rate is already discounted for this group offer!! The order will be shipped to me, then we will arrange for delivery/pickup.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, make your purchase through the paypal button on the sidebar. Please include your color choices. You have until Monday, the 8th of November, at which time the group order will close and the paypal button will be removed. You will then have to purchase your order directly through Wood n' Stitches.

Jody has created a listing in her esty shop for you to purchase one of these from her directly. Click here.

There are many participants in the Mesquite/St. George area, and many participants in the Salt Lake area. If enough of you are interested, we could create a group order for your areas as well. Please contact us through our eightweekstoabetteryou email (address is on the side bar) and we'll start tracking those interests and keep you posted.

A special thanks to Jody from Wood n' Stitches for making such a great piece just for us!!

We CAN do hard things!!!

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