Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!!

Can you believe that it is already week #4?
I know....crazy!
I am super excited about this week's giveaways, since 2 of them have been made and donated by 2 of my most favorite people :)
Giveaway #1:
An Assymetrical Apron
from my amazing and talented sister, Stacie!
My sister has ALWAYS been an amazing seamstress, she even taught a summer class to little girls when she was practically a little girl herself to earn the money to buy her VERY OWN sewing machine. Sewing is her LOVE and she is meant to do it. She recently had her first adorable baby and started this etsy shop to share her talents AND as a means to be able to be a stay-at-home and get her husband through school.
Check out this amazing giveaway:
Isn't this just perfect for all the HEALTHY cooking that we know you all have been doing the last few weeks? :) (Im thinking the PERFECT Christmas gifts too)!
The lucky winner will get to chose an apron, of their choice from her etsy shop, so hop on over to her site:
to check out what apron you would choose if YOU won this giveaway
She also has a great blog readjame with more of her creations, sewing tips and even TUTORIALS (which if you are like me, you will LOVE THEM!) To find out the "inspiration" behind the apron you could win read THIS POST
Thank you Stacie for the awesome donation!
Giveaway #2
My Neck Candy Jewelry
made by another talented and amazing person in my life,
my friend Jeannie (and a Challenge participant)
"Myneckcandy was born over 10 years ago when I decided to turn my passion of making pieces of wearable art into a small business. My goal is to make adorably yummy funky jewelry so cute you'll want to take a bite out of it!!!!"
And let me tell you, you WILL want to take a bite out of ALL of is oh so yummy!
(just 1 of her amazing pieces)
The winner of this giveaway will win a pair of earrings of their choice OR a $15 credit to her etsy shop for whatever you find tasty:
lots of perfect Christmas gifts here too!
She is also doing another giveaway on her Facebook page if you become a follower :)
See her MyNeckCandy Facebook Page for more info.
Thanks JeanBean!
Giveaway #3
Listography Journal
Are you struggling with ideas for your daily journal writing??
We have had a few contenders say they are running out of things to say, and a fellow Contestant Liz recommended this book to help out. So Karli hopped on that idea and purchased this book for 1 lucky participant to win!
Check out this link to read more about this book!

Good Luck to you all and check back on Saturday morning to see if you are a winner!
Our winners will be drawn by using


  1. - Floral Rose and Pearl Earring
    - Something Sweet apron

  2. I just have to say that ALL the give aways have been so awesome!! There are so many talented women out there! Who's gonna be the lucky winners this week? Can't wait to find out!!

    I am so happy with the good habits that I'm developinmg in this challenge! LIFE CHANGING!!

  3. such a great idea with the journal, i love it

  4. Hey Stacie - SUPER CUTE APRONS - how about I win yours and you win mine :)!!

  5. Love, Love, Love everything! For journaling I do it all on, it also has questions you can answer about your life that will help get your mind going and remembering things.