Monday, September 27, 2010

Frequently Asked Question...

Q. Does posting to a personal or family blog count for journal writing?


  1. Oh good! That's pretty much how I do my journaling! Thanks again for the motivation!! This is gonna be GREAT!

  2. So honestly with more than 95 contestants you know there will be a major tie at the end. Will we all just split the money?

  3. First I love how you wrote will "we" all...way to be confident and motivated :) and you got it...the winners will split the pot (which is getting big)!

  4. That's true the more people the bigger the pot the more we can have several winners (including me of course)! I'm good with that!
    Trish when you get time and post recipe's please include your smoothie/protein shake recipe's I have been wanting to get those anyways!!

    So far so good on the no DC which is a killer for me!!

  5. Even if we all just get our $15 back (or trail a bit behind), the rewards will be huge otherwise.

    Thanks about the blogging. My hands can type much faster than write with a pen.