Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #4 Free Point Challenge

This week we are offering a free point challenge!  If this is your first time with us, allow me to explain - you complete whatever challenge we give you and in return, you earn a free point! 

  • It is optional.
  • You must complete the challenge within the week it is assigned.
  • Your free point must be used within that week.  It cannot be used to replace a previously missed point and cannot be banked to use during a future week.
  • The CHALLENGE for this week is to donate a minimum of 5 new or gently used books to an organization in need.  It could be children's books to a school, daycare center, or hospital (or doctor's office), or adult literature to a elderly care center or rehabilitation facility.  While you're at it, you could consider other items these organizations could use and donate those as well.  The idea is not to do the bare minimum required to get your point, but go a little farther and earn a very private and humbling personal high five.  Enjoy this opportunity to offer help to those in need, and earn a free point while you're at it!

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