Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Congratulations to all of the WINNERS of this challenge!!

The perfect score participants were:
Aileen Trost
Chastity von Lutzow
Stephanie von Lutzow
Courtney Santos
Heather Cameron
Janelle Day
Janelle E D
Jeana Boner
Julianne Smith
Kaitlin Pack
Kimberly Kindall
Marcee Rynearson
Renee Allen
Sherida Anderson
Trisha Totten

And the "random winners" drawn from the pool of participants who averaged at least 60 points per week are (selected using :

Melissa Sovic
Angela Coleman-Martinez
Michelle McCutcheon
Tiffany Ence
Leland Boekweg
Natalie Kellogg
Marissa Mitchell

If you are a challenge winner you should have received your prize money via paypal today.

Great job again to EVERYBODY
Happy New Year!

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