Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been a little over a week since our Summer 2011 Challenge ended.   We know many of you were relieved and ready for it to end.  And we know that many of you were sad to see it end and planned on continuing on on your own.  We don't blame you either way.  

We would like to commend you and hope you know how much we enjoyed this group.  You all did a fantastic job at keeping that Facebook page alive and hopping.  It was full of stories, encouragement, recipes, and helpful ideas and questions.  We truly appreciated all of that because it allowed everyone to conversate amongst yourselves rather than have things going through private email only for the sender and receiver to read.  Trisha and I aren't experts and we learn as much from fellow participants as you learn from us.  We hope you were able to learn things you didn't already know throughout this challenge, whether it was your first time, or your 3rd!

Hang in there over the next couple months as we take this much anticipated break.  Do your best to keep those 10 habits a part of your daily life in some form or another.  We'll be back sometime this holiday season to help you keep off unwanted holiday weight and give you opportunities to serve during that time of year that giving is on our minds most.  We'll send out an email and post information here as soon as we decide when the Holiday 2011 Challenge will begin.

One last thing - did ya'll hear that Trisha had her baby??  I personally can't believe that baby let her finish the challenge as big of a tease as she was being for the last 7 weeks.  I am truly amazed at the commitment and drive my BFF has.  Trisha was super hesitant to join in on this challenge knowing it would go through the very end of her pregnancy.  But she made up her mind and that was that.  She finished our 3rd challenge with a perfect score for the 3rd time!!!  And baby Chloe came 4 days after the challenge ended.  So many of you inspired us throughout this challenge as you shared personal challenges you were enduring.  I am so honored to have one of these inspirations be my best friend.

Hang in there, and we'll see ya'll next time!!

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  1. Congrats on the baby girl! Thanks for all your work and for inspiring me to be better in so many ways. My little girl is coming in 10 days (c-section) and I know I was a better mom to her by eating healthy, staying active and all the other great things through the end of my pregnancy.