Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week #5 Free Point Challenge

This one was a favorite of ours and our participants in our last challenge....  Write a letter of gratitude, appreciation, or just general recognition to someone from your past that you haven't had contact with for at least 5 years.  Someone that had an influence or impact on your life, preferably a positive one. ☺ It could be a teacher, church leader or adviser, long lost friend or family member, or someone you didn't even know that well at all.  Really, the options are endless.  And honestly, you don't have to go back 5 years.  If you feel there is someone in your life now that could really use an uplifting letter, then do it.  We want to encourage you to think hard about this one though, because like we always say, we can do hard things!  The farther back you go, the more surprised someone will be to receive your letter.  And how touching it will be for them!  OR, if there is someone that was near and dear to you that passed away, you could write them a letter.  This challenge isn't just about the person on the receiving end, it's about ourselves too.  It makes us feel good to get things out.  It's therapeutic.  I'm thinking about writing a letter to my dad, who passed away 12 years ago, and taping it to a balloon that I will release into the sky.  Moments like these are so comforting to our souls, so we truly encourage you to dig deep and make an impact... whether it's in someone else's life, or your own.  One last challenge, make it a handwritten letter.  If all you have is someone's email address and a handwritten letter isn't possible, that's ok.  But in this day and age of computers and email, handwritten letters are rare.  But they are so touching...

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