Monday, September 3, 2012

Stock that fridge up with the good stuff...

It is now Day #2, and many of you may be headed to the store to stock up on challenge worthy foods!!  Good for you!

We thought we would lend a helping hand...

Here are some suggestions for healthy snacks that can still be delicious
{please remember "sugar free" options are allowed, but of course if you can do without you are better off. If you choose to use sugar free foods like s.f. jello, pudding or popsicles try to limit the amount you eat, but sometimes going cold turkey from treats can be difficult and just a little s.f. snack can go a long way until those cravings subside. Its better to have a little s.f. snack then to fall off the bandwagon and binge on any and everything you can get your hands on, right?}

grabbable fruits & veggies {carrots, celery, broccoli}

crystal light

slices of turkey or a pickle rolled with some cheese

string cheese

Turkey Jerky


trail mix-NO M&Ms

Sugar Free gum

Larabars {most are made with dates & fruits, and some have nuts}-DELICIOUS

Celery or APPLES with Peanut Butter (my favorite)
natural apple sauce
cottage cheese topped with fruit

Protein Shakes

Fruit Smoothies or Green Smoothies

Granola-make sure it does NOT have processed sugar

Plain Greek Yogurt {Fage is the brand I like} topped with chopped nuts, fruit {like strawberries} and honey...seriously DELISH for breakfast or when everyone else scoops up a bowl of ice cream!!!

Honey {or agave} is a GREAT natural sugar

lots and lots of fruits and veggies!!!

oh there are so many more...SO

We hope that helps you get through!  Remember when we cut sugar/white flour out of our diet we will feel better and more energized BUT our body will go through withdrawals at first and you may feel sluggish, grouchy and if you are like me get headaches.  BUT that will pass soon and you will start to feel the benefits of the reduced sugar!


**We have had some delicious recipes shared with us from other participants during past challenges, and we look forward to reposting some of those and posting new ones during the next 8 weeks. If you have any "challenge worthy" recipes you'd like to share please email them to us at and we will do our best to pass them along!

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