Monday, July 11, 2011

Stay Connected!

We hope your 1st Day of the Challenge was a success

and hopefully you didnt end the day with too bad of a sugar withdrawal headache :)

If you did, DON'T GIVE UP...that will go away!

Also just a reminder, if you have not already joined the facebook page we encourage you to do so! There has been a lot of great dialogue between participants already, and a lot of fun recipe ideas posted by participants. To join make sure you are signed into facebook and then come back to our blog and click on the facebook logo to the right in the sidebar. You can request to join the group and we will get you hooked up ASAP!

(there is a lot of action going on in the 8 Weeks to a Better You Facebook page, which means you may be getting bombarded with notification emails. If you like that so you know when there is something new to read then leave it as is. BUT if that is driving you bonkers here is the fix:
Go to your Account (upper right in your facebook account)
Click on Account Settings
Click on the Notification Tab
Scroll down to Groups and click on the blue link that says Change Email settings for Individual Groups
Your list of groups will then pull up, simply uncheck the 8 Weeks to A Better You group and you should stop receiving notification emails)

Of course we will still be posting on this blog, but the facebook page is another great way to stay connected during the CHALLENGE!!

Dont forget it's not too late to signup for the Challenge if you havent done so already

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