Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make A Difference!!

I am super excited about this oppurtunity that has come our way AND for a way for you to earn a free point to use how you please next week! There is a local shelter called Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse here in Tucson that has a real need right now for school supplies....

It's Back-to-School Time Again!
The Children at Emerge! Need Your Help!

Emerge! helps over 1,000 child survivors of domestic violence through safety, intervention, and direct support annually. We strive to provide every necessity for these children, including Back-to-School items. With the new school year just around the corner, we are in need of children's school supplies. Any contribution that you make is greatly appreciated. Let's provide as many children as possible with a fully stocked backpack for the school year!

Gift Certificates: Wal-Mart, Target, Payless for back-to-school
New Clothing i.e. shoes, socks, underwear
School Uniforms: white shirts, navy or khaki bottoms
Lunch Boxes & Thermoses
#2 Pencils
Black , Red, & Blue Pens
Pocket Folders (some w/prongs)
Glue Sticks
Children's Scissors (blunt tip)
Pencil Boxes
Construction Paper
Washable Crayons/Markers
Washable Colored Pencils
Writing Tablets
1, 3, 5 Subject Notebooks
Elmer's Glue

So as a little motivation to help out we thought we would offer up a free point for donations to go towards this good cause!! Not too shabby right?

Donate at least $3 and you will earn your free point to be used sometime next week!! A free point means in addition to your free day you can use 1 point on another day, your maximum total for the week will still be 70 points this is not an additional or makeup point (for example your free day could be Saturday, but on Wednesday you could choose to skip exercise or have some Sugar...thats worth $3 to me)!

To donate just click on the DONATE link in the sidebar to the right, it will ask you for a dollar amount...and that is up to you :) If you live locally and would prefer to drop off school supplies as your donation that is great too, you are welcome to drop them off to me (Trisha) anytime. The beauty of this time of year is the school sales are awesome so every dollar will make a difference...just think if everyone of us donated at least $3 that would be at least $250 worth of school supplies that we can donate to help these kids out!!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here or email us at

***PLEASE know that there is no pressure to participate in this. This is just a way to earn a free point, it is NOT an additional point, it just allows you to "break" a rule one day and still receive that point***