Friday, July 8, 2011

Hi, I'm Karli. Nice to meet you!

As we near the start of our 3rd challenge, and as we're getting back in touch with so many of you that have been with us through one or both of our other challenges, I realized that I never really properly introduced myself.  I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to do so, especially since we have so many new participants.

I am a crafter... a sewer and quilter in particular.  I browse through people's blogs looking at tutorials and getting ideas quite frequently.  That's what made me want to introduce myself here.  While you are browsing through our blog, you should know who's behind it.  And let me tell you - it's someone just like you!

  • I was born and raised on a farm in a small town in Eastern Oregon, about 60 miles from Boise, Idaho.  After graduating high school, I lived in Boise for about 6 years.  I met my husband there.  We were set up on a blind date.  We didn't really like each other at first.  Still don't.  HA!  OK, just kidding.  On that note - I have quite the sense of humor.  I'm rather sarcastic and joke about everything.  Since meeting in Boise, we moved to Tucson, spent a little time in Colorado Springs, and are now back in Tucson.  I. LOVE. TUCSON.  
  • We have 2 small kids (pictured above) and they are my world.   I'm fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and spend every day with these cuties.  We also have 2 pugs.  They used to be my "babies" before I had real babies.  Now they are just dogs.  We also recently welcomed the addition of a goldfish to our family, aptly named by my 3 year old, Goldberg.  While it is my goal to finish this 8 week challenge with perfect points, it is also my goal to keep Goldberg alive for  the next 8 weeks.
  • My hobbies include sewing, quilting, cooking, playing with my friends, couponing, playing mindless games on my phone, and quite frequently, just doing nothing.  I love to run, but I can't call it a hobby right now because my lazy butt hasn't ran for months.  Next week.... I'll be back at it.  And I am REALLY looking forward to it.  
  • My favorite drink is Pepsi Max.  My father is probably rolling over in his grave.  My family practically owns stock in Coke.  But I recently converted and Pepsi Max is my drink of choice now.  My favorite treat is heaping bowl of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.  I'm not a huge chocolate fan... My preference is candy, like Skittles or Sugar Babies.  I made corn dogs for dinner last night.  Deep fried, homemade corn dogs.  I ate 3.
  • I am certainly not skilled or trained in anything regarding fitness and nutrition.  My desire to get behind a challenge like this stems from a life of always feeling "chunky" and CONSTANTLY yo-yo dieting.  I've done every crazy diet out there.  I've lost weight, and usually gained it back.  Like many of you!  I've also tried some not so crazy and rather successful approaches, which have really helped me to learn what works best for my body.   This challenge is a way to teach us not to diet, but to change our lifestyles.  I have learned a lot through years of personal study.  I am here to share what I know, but also look forward to learning more from all of you!! 
  • Last but not least, I can do hard things. 
...Trisha is the other face behind this challenge (you heard from her in the previous post).  

She is my partner in crime, my BFF.  I haven't had a relationship like this since high school (What's up Marcee!  Miss you!).  I hope Trisha will take the time to introduce herself at some point in the next 8 weeks too.  She's awesome.  I love her.  :-)


  1. Good to "meet" you Karli! Thanks for helping put on this challenge! I recently moved from Arizona to Colorado Springs and have a pug. Love the pugs (and my kids of course too!). Looking forward to all the motivation and help from this challenge!

  2. She is one talented lady, I can testify to that! In fact our love to CREATE was one of the things that first drew us to eachother! BUT I have one bone to pick with you Miss Karli...couldnt you have posted a pic of me BEFORE I was all prego {not to mention I have decided that dress is not very flattering on me} ? :)

  3. Nice to finally meet you Karli! I'm glad you introduced yourself.


  4. Nice to meet you Karli. What's the name of the Eastern Oregon town? Thanks for doing this, it has been so helpful to me. I'm starting this on the first day of a 3 week vacation so will be good excuse to not eat the junk food put before me. :O)

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