Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Pleasant Grove, UT

Ashley Reeves says:

"This challenge was the perfect way to get rid of the last 15 pounds of baby weight I had lurking around. I lost 16 pounds actually during the 8 weeks and I am not 1 pound under what I was when I got pregnant. What I enjoyed most was doing this with my sister and good friends. Support systems make a world of a difference! We would walk together sometime for our exercise, and we'd get together once a week and make a healthy snack for the challenge. I was constantly texting my sister about my points and all that. I think one of the best habits of this Challenge is closing the kitchen at 8. Some nights it was hard, when my husband would come home from work and eat a late dinner, I would just watch ;) But I think you feel so much better if you dont snack late at night. This diet was really similar to what I do on a regular basis, I started a Dieting Blog a few years ago adailydoseofdieting.blogspot.com- just because I love to network with other people seeking for a healthy lifestyle. If any of you Challengers are up for more dieting advice on a daily basis HERE, check it out. I am excited for the next round of the 8 week challenge!-Ashley You can follow my blog and see before/after baby pictures I plan on posting this week @ justinandashleyreeves.blogspot.com"

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