Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Bishop, CA

Thank you so much for a wonderful challenge.  I lost 22 pounds with
the simple changes in my diet and exercise. I was proud to be setting
an example for my children. The first few times I went through the
drive thru and only ordered them meals, they were confused. Then my
pre teen, decided that she didn't want to tempt me. She would ask
what I was eating and we made lunches together. They watched me go
from sitting on the couch after work, to running on my treadmill or
going to the gym. It was rewarding to hear them want to come to the
gym with me. I enjoyed looking for things to do for service. I really
felt my attitude change daily. I was a much happier person at work
and at home, whether stressed or not. I truly thank you for helping
me get out of the Post holiday slump that usually occurs. I will
continue to strive to keep up each task even though the challenge is

Cyndee, Bishop, CA

1 comment:

  1. Good job, Cyndee! What a great example you've been to your children!