Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week #6 Giveaways

This week, you have the chance to win 1 of 4 great prizes!

Our first 2 come to us courtesy of fellow 8 Week Challenger, Angela Shaner.
Here's what Angela has to say...

"I enjoy making a lot of things, but I especially love making fun accessories and personalized pendant necklaces. I enjoy the designing process & making things that have a special meaning for somebody or as a gift for special occasions OR that's just super fun to wear! :)

"Sparkles and Bugs" is my fairly new Etsy store where you can see some of the designs. I also do a lot of custom work, all you have to do is contact me at and get me ideas of what you'd like to create. You can find more design ideas on my blog -

I'm super excited to give one of my Glass Pendant "Names" Necklaces away. The winner chooses the names they would like to have on their necklace. Don't worry, If you don't win, you can still get 20% off any purchases, custom orders as well, until the end of February. Just mention "8WEEKS" OR put in "8WEEKS" in the Etsy checkout.

So, I love to craft and I also love to help others craft with friends! I am one of the founding Craft Group Leaders of Makia Creations. Makia makes creating simple. All craft kits come with everything you need to complete something beautiful. No more searching for supplies or buying more than you need. Every kit is ready to go and makes creating so much more fun! No cutting or sanding or thinking of ideas, more time for the fun stuff...the crafting! I Love it! My friends and I look forward to craft night every month. New crafts are added monthly. So, this week I'm also going to be giving away the "Love Board" Craft kit. So cute to hang on your door or set on a shelf. This comes with absolutely everything you need to complete the craft including written instructions and a link to video instructions.

You can get the discounted prices on all craft kits through me! You can also order straight from and use my discount code "035angela" for the discounted pricing. Be a Host- Get together with friends, host your own craft night and get a Free Craft and FREE shipping. See my blog for more info: & don't hesitate to contact me with any questions."

Thanks so much Angela for these awesome giveaways this week!! Your generosity throughout this challenge, and the last one, is much appreciated!!

Our next 2 giveaways come to us courtesy of Ruth with LillyMae Bags.
Dancing, shopping, exercising, or traveling...
These bags give you everything you need, hands free!

About LillyMae Bags...

Admit it! The Fanny Pack was a Good Idea, it just needed to be a little less bulky and better looking.

This is exactly what we have done with the LillyMae Bag! Every bag is a fanny pack and every bag is a purse!

You can even request an extra long strap and wear our bags Cross-Body!

The LillyMae bag was designed initially for women, although men love the basic black fanny pack. We all need to carry our phone and other basics, but with our active life-styles big bulky bags get in the way.

When you are working out keep your phone or mp3 on you, and have headphone access through the side eyelet.

Have a young child with a cell phone for emergencies? Have them wear a LillyMae Bag, and keep the phone safe and on their person at all times. Our small strap size is perfect for a small person fanny pack.

Use a LillyMae Bag when you are shopping, exercising, working, traveling, and every activity imaginable. The easily adjustable strap allows the easy transition between fanny pack wear or purse wear.

Pick a fun style that fits you - and carry less...with style!

Ruth has sent me 2 bags for our giveaway this week -

This one...

and this one...The first participant drawn for these bags will get first choice of which bag they want...

I LOVE the idea of these bags. I am crossing my fingers that I win one!! In 2 challenges, I have yet to have pick MY number for a giveaway. Boo hoo. ;-) Anyway, if you are as interested in these as I am, head on over to Ruth's website,, and check out their selection.

PLUS - receive 20% off your purchase by using the coupon code VALENTINE2011.

Alright folks, get your numbers entered for last week, or you won't be eligible for any of these awesome giveaways! Or don't... that means a higher chance that I could win something!


  1. Awesome giveaway! Maybe I will win something this time around! *hint, hint*

  2. The bags and jewelery look fabulous and how generous of the givers of the giveaway!!! I am tickled pink because I just won a scentsy bar but of course Im hoping to win an awesome prize this week too!!!

  3. So can you win more than once??

  4. The pendants are so cute! And I could use a hands-free purse like that, but which one?

  5. People are SO generous! AND TALENTED! What great ideas!

  6. I am crossing my fingers for a lillymae bag. Then maybe I won't leave my cell phone and keys in the cup holder of the treadmill everyday at the gym.

    Way to bring back the fanny pack Ruth!