Friday, February 18, 2011

Strive to be better. That's all we ask.

I was having a conversation with a friend this week about the challenge. She was a participant in our first challenge. She reminded me of the personal challenge it was for her to sign up with us on the first go around. Let's call her Jane so I can quit saying "she".

When committing herself to something, Jane strives for perfection. She understands the good and bad consequences that can accompany such drive. Jane said that at this point in her life, she is trying to learn that being less than perfect is OK. She was worried that by participating in our challenge, she would revert back to her old ways of having to be perfect.

**Jane, if you're reading this, and I got the story completely wrong, I am so sorry. I am finding it hard to try and put our conversation into words!

Now, let's talk about me. I am one of the administrators of this challenge. If you have noticed, I have far less than perfect points. I wondered if some of you would find it strange that me, one of the ones who is putting this whole deal on, sure isn't doing very well! Well let me tell you - I am here to represent those of us who are just trying to be better. I did pretty darn well in the first challenge, just barely slipping up at the very end. This time around, I have had things thrown at me right and left that have distracted me from completing 10 requirements EVERYDAY. I found out that I had miscarried on Day 1 of Week 2. As things finally started getting back to normal after that, I had a terrible head cold that eventually turned flu-like before getting better. Upon recovery of that, my mom and step-dad came to town for a much anticipated visit, and I'm not going to lie, we ate, and ate, and ate (non-challenge worthy foods). Now here we are, the end of week 7. I'm still here! I'm still trying, every day, doing the best that I can. I'm not trying to be perfect. I'm simply just trying.

There are many of you in the challenge that are still here with perfect points. And for that, man, I congratulate you!! It is hard, and that is quite the accomplishment! To the rest, I wrote this post to encourage you to not feel defeated or ashamed. Accept all that you have done with pride. Think about what this challenge has done for you. Have you become a healthier person? Have you learned healthier habits? Have you grown spiritually? Mentally? Emotionally? I hope you answer YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!! Therefore we end this challenge not focusing on points, but rather on growth.

And that's why we did this to begin with.

Hats off to each and every one of you!


  1. LOVE this post. Two challenges in... I have been FAR from perfect but SO MUCH better than I would have been with no challenge at all!

  2. Wow that post brought me to tears. I am amazed how stronge you have been through this challenge even with your miscarraige. As you already know my daughter was stillborn a week before your first challenge when I was almost 8 months pregnant. I was going to do the first challenge but I felt too weak. Starting this challenge in January has finally helped me find happiness in my life and many blessings have come from this so thank you for all you guys have done! I will for sure be doing all the challenges you guys offer!

  3. I did pretty well with the first challenge, but Have completely lost it with this one. For some reason my motivation is gone and I haven't even been keeping track :( I remember how great I felt last challenge and just what a better person I felt I was too. I gotta get back to that point and just keep trying!! Not perfect, but trying! Thanks for the post!!

  4. Karli - So sorry to hear about your struggles, you are absolutely amazing! Hang in there girl! You anre Trisha are an inspiration to us all!