Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You could win...

1. Wal Mart Gift Card

You choose your reward with this gift card

1 lucky winner will win a $25 gift card to reward yourself or even do a little Christmas shopping!

2. Stella & Dot Jewelry

donated by a fellow challenger and a longtime friend of mine, Meghan Quick..thanks Meg!

The winner will win 1 Silk Charm Necklace & Bracelet and 1 Birthstone Briolette Charms to accent your necklace/bracelet!

You can pick your own colors!

Do you love jewelry? Good me too! Stella & Dot was founded by Jennifer and she named the company after her two grandmothers. The jewelry has a vintage/modern look to it and is absolutely beautiful! Half the line is under $50 and every single piece of jewelry comes gift boxed! You will love this jewelry and be so happy with the quality. Take for instance our new leather wrap necklaces - they were designed by one of Marc Jacobs designers and made in his factory using real leather! Marc Jacobs sells something similar himself for over $600! Ours are between $39 - $59!!! Style for a steal! Stella & Dot has been featured in a number of style magazines, most recently the Nov 2010 issue of Cosmopolitian with the La Coco Cupchain Necklace! Be sure to check out all our great items at think Holiday presents for everyone on your list! And if you want to earn free jewelry and shop at half off be sure to contact me and we can set up an online trunk show for all your friends and you can earn hostess credit!

3. A Miche Bag

donated by a fellow challenger, Janelle Day!
The winner will win a Classic Miche Bag. You can choose your cover (the pic below is just an example). Or you can use it as a credit towards a bigger bag.

These are so cool, check it out:

"I am a mother of 2 beautiful princesses and a rambunctious 1 year old boy. They keep me more than a little busy. But for some reason back in March we decided to make ourselves even busier by becoming Miche Bag distributors. I have a basement full of purses (probably a dream come true for some of you) which I distribute to our reps and our customers. I used to be anti purse in High School, but have since fallen in love with the Miche Bags. They are simply amazing.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Miche Bags let me give you a quick synopsis: A mom in the Salt Lake area spilled on her hand bag and didn’t want to buy a new one. She decided to super glue some fabric to the outside. She knew she had the idea of a lifetime…fast forward 6 years and that idea has led an international phenomenon. You pick a base purse and just change the outer “shells”. You never have to change your purse, just what your purse wears. J It saves so much time and saves so much space. It is the purse to replace all purses.

So yes we are busy with our family and with our business, but we are enjoying the crazy ride. So anyway check out our blog or our website to see what we have to offer. We are also always looking for people that would like to sell such an amazing product ;) I also think that I could be persuaded quite easily to offer a discount for any fellow 8 week challenger that wants to purchase. Just leave me a comment on our blog and we can work it out. Check out our blog or our website: or

There you have it...

Check back Saturday morning to see if you are a winner!!


  1. WOW! Some lucky girls are gonna be extra happy this week! Those are all so awesome!
    1 week and 2 days left! Can't believe it's almost over (well, unless you continue) but this challenge is almost done. It has been great! I've got so many women in my Ward excited about it and want to do one.
    You two were inspired!!

  2. I'm just now seeing these give-aways. Cute things!