Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week #2 Giveaways

Our weekly giveaways this week were donated by another
Challenge Contestant, Angela Shaner!
We will have 3 winners this week, all courtesy of super crafty Angela :)
Giveaway #1:
Challenge Chart
She came up with this fabulous way to track your points each day...

They are magnets for each point that you move from "To Do" to "Done" as you accomplish them throughout the day. The 8 Week Chart is laminated, so you can write your scores in with a dry-erase marker and use this again for the NEXT CHALLENGE :)
The winner will receive 1 set, and will even be able to go to her blog and choose which background they want.
Angela will also be selling these for $19.95 per set to anyone who is interested!!
Check out the blog she created for the
Giveaway #2:
One of her darling tutus from her shop Sparkles & Bugs Tutus,
this tutu would make a perfect gift for your little girl, or any little girl for that matter :)
The winner will be able to choose the colors/size
Giveaway #3:
I know you are thinking, what can't this Angela girl do?
I'm not sure because the last giveaway is a necklace made by Angela!!
(not actual necklace)

*To be eligible for this week's giveaway you must have received AT LEAST 60 points for LAST week!

The Winners will be announced Saturday Morning,
so be sure to check back!

It's not too late to donate a giveaway, if you have something please email us at


  1. LOVE the chart! Such a fun visual way to remind yourself of what you still need to get done!

  2. The Chart is a fabulous idea. And the other two things are awesome. Love the creativity!

  3. All fabulous give aways!! Good luck girlfriends!